What is the Reinjection method?

Reinjection method denotes collection of the used geothermal water after heating and returning it to the geothermal reserve. We can prevent environmental destruction which can be created when the hot water used is left in open space thanks to the reinjection method while we save water and energy and prevent the decrease of water of the geothermal resource, which is our national wealth, over time and ensure that this resource is transferred to future generations.

We use the Closed Irrigation Method and save money by this method.

As “Turkeli Seracılık (Turkeli Greenhouse)”, we use closed irrigation method in our greenhouses. After the plants receive enough water to meet their needs we remove bacteria and viruses from the water with high and strong ultraviolet rays in the closed irrigation method.

We send the purified water for analysis, and after confirmation, we store the water in a separate place and use it again in watering following the analysis. In this way we are saving on fertilizers, energy and most importantly water in big amounts.

We rely on the power of science in agriculture!

Agriculture and science are two important components which are inseparable from each other. In modern agriculture, application of science returns as lower costs, higher efficiency and higher yields. Therefore, we love science and believe in the power of science which is indispensable for modernization in agriculture.

We support modernization in agriculture!

This is because to produce in line with modern agriculture denotes using land in the most efficient way. Using our land in the most efficient way means optimizing agriculture with the latest technology without wasting any of the materials utilized. As such, we believe that the more we support and credit modernization in agriculture in Turkey, the more we will receive the high agricultural value we deserve accordingly.

There are approximately 320,000 decares of greenhouses in Turkey. 20.000 decares of these greenhouses are operated by modern producers such as Turkeli. 300.000 decares are known as production under protective cover. All of the modern greenhouses use technology at every stage of production, are controlled, supervised and meet all the standards required through modern agriculture. These greenhouses are projected to be resistant to wind, storm, rainfall, and earthquakes. As Turkeli, we have reached a closed area production of 600 decares over the years with the innovations and investments we made in the field of agriculture.

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